Meditations: 10 Short Meditative Visualisations to Fuel Your Soul

from Anna Shelley

New deluxe paperback edition featuring full colour meditative dreamy imagery - the perfect bedside table book :)

Grab a cuppa, put your feet up, make yourself comfortable, and sink back with this relaxing book that gently takes you through a series of visualisations that act as mini meditations for your mind and soul.

Any time you need to relax, or feel a burst of good energy, simply dive into a chapter that tickles your fancy.

This book features 10 short visualisations that contain breath work, activations, and the most sublime images making this the ultimate bedside table book, to fuel your soul.


Meditative Visualisations included:

1. Your Breath
2. Loving Yourself
3. Tribal Warrior Goddess of the Sun
4. Goddess of the Night
5. Alignment and Embodiment
6. Lead With Your Heart
7. Reach the Clouds!
8. Time to Relax
9. Activation From Your Galactic Council
10. Open Your Heart


Digging deeper into meditation after the birth of my son, I taught myself clairvoyance, mediumship, channelling, and expanded the art of meditation as I knew it.

I enjoy sharing my meditative experiences and processes, and this book is a peek into Anna Shelley Land ;) 

Tune in to your heart, drop out of your mind, and meditate your way to bliss :)

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Anna Shelley VIC, Australia

Anna Shelley is known for her meditative ambient music. With a resonance that weaves its way through the souls of all who feel it, Anna Shelley’s music is a feeling - a knowing - a connection.

Ethereal flutes and hypnotic piano float through atmospheric soundscapes inspired by nature and the cosmos.

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